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Scrapped Tenancy Fees will Liquidate Landlords and Letting Agents

• On the 1st June 2019, tenancy fees were scrapped in the UK.
• 42% landlords predict landlords and letting agents will be forced out of business. 
• 77% tenants believe The Tenant Fees Act will have a minimal impact on landlords and letting agents.

New research has uncovered that 42% of UK landlords are concerned about their financial future and assets in the property rental market, after the recent tenancy fee scrap, while 77% of UK tenants believe the regulation change will have minimal impact on landlord and letting agents’ finances and property. The newly implemented Tenant Fees Act was proposed by the Government to make renting fairer, and protect tenants from ambiguous and costly bills. 

The new research, conducted by rental expert Just Landlords, revealed UK landlords were pessimistic over the Tenant Fees Act, with 62% believing the ban will cost them more money, whilst 27% were uncertain over the potential benefits. Landlords also admitted the scrap may have consequences for current and prospective tenants, with 18% believing the ban will reduce the standard of rented accommodation, and 12% claiming tenants will have a diminished quality of service. 

Tenants were also found to be unaware of the potential methods landlords may use to compensate a loss of earnings, with only 24% predicting landlords will counteract lost profit by raising the cost of other services, despite 44% of landlords admitting that it could be a possibility. 24% of landlords also predict a new administration fee being introduced to counteract lost revenue. 

The Tenant Fees Act could also exclude prospective tenants’ access to a rental property, with 21% of landlords predicting more stringent credit checks on tenants, while tenants could also experience longer searches for rental accommodation and expect to be tied to properties longer, due to new lengthy tenancy agreements.

Rose Jinks, Spokesperson for rental expert Just Landlords, commented on the research findings: “We have long been concerned that the Tenant Fees Act will backfire on the Government’s original intentions of saving tenants money; if landlords simply raise rent prices to recoup higher costs, then tenants will not be better off.

“However, the fee ban should save tenants a lot of upfront money when it comes to moving into a new rental property, which can be a barrier to moving flexibly within the private rental sector. We hope that the ban does benefit tenants, but our research indicates otherwise.” 

Katy Perry causes a surge in hypnotherapy enquiries to get over ex partners

• Harley Street Hypnotherapist Adam Cox has experienced a 500% increase in enquiries
• Katy Perry’s newly released song ‘Never Really Over’ includes the lyric “I guess I could try hypnotherapy, I gotta rewire this brain”
• To keep his daughter happy, Adam Cox is offering Katy Perry a free hypnotherapy session.

Harley Street hypnotherapist Adam Cox and founder of ‘Addiction Experts’ was shocked to discover the reason behind him receiving so many hypnotherapy enquiries was due to Katy Perry’s new single that discusses her contemplating hypnotherapy over obsessively thinking about her ex.

The song by Katy Perry is the UK’s highest new chart entry at 13, signalling the end of a two-year solo hiatus and references her struggles with past relationships. 

Initially, Cox didn’t understand why he was getting so many enquiries about such a specific area until he overheard his 9-year-old daughter playing the song and picked up on the hypnotherapy reference “I guess I could try hypnotherapy, I gotta rewire this brain.”

While listening to the song, Cox noticed striking similarities between the feelings Katy echoes and the same feelings patients often seek help for.

“The song is essentially the thought process of thinking about the previous partner and attempting to move on but falling into the pattern of thinking about the past relationship,” says Cox. “The lyric in the chorus “I tell myself, tell myself, tell myself, ‘Draw the line’ And I do, I do But once in a while, I trip up, and I cross the line And I think of you” – is a common pattern as it shows the conflict between the conscious decision to draw the line and move on, but this is easier said than done and many people will experience flashbacks of previous memories or moments with their ex with strong emotional connections which can become addictive.” 

Adam continues, “The lyric where she admits to checking her ex’s name online is also a common theme as many clients admit to following their ex on social media platforms, often anonymously. This compulsive behaviour can cause traumatic new feelings, particularly if their ex is now with someone new.” 

To celebrate her new single, and win brownie points with his daughter – Cox wants to offer Katy a free Hypnotherapy session to help her rewire her brain before she ties the knot with Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom.

“Katy has helped my practice flourish so offering her free hypnotherapy is the least I could do, says Cox. “I would start by taking a detailed analysis of the issues and what coping mechanisms she uses to get by. Many people can turn to excessive eating or drinking to self-medicate. I’d also see if the emotional attachment to the ex-partner is affecting current relationships as many people try to erase the memory of an ex in a new relationship, unfortunately, if the emotional bond is still with the ex it can negatively affect a new relationship. I’d use a combination of clinical hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT to help her change her thought patterns or to use her words ‘rewire her brain’.”

For those unable to directly see Adam, he has also created a free hypnosis audio download for those struggling with an ex and not able to work with him directly. 

“As a hypnotherapist based in Harley Street, many people can’t afford to work with me. To help as many people as possible I’ve created a hypnosis download specifically to help people get over an ex priced at just £9.99. I will donate all proceeds to a charity of Katy Perry’s choice.”

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New car discounts reach £16.8 million as dealers look to attract buyers

What Car? Target Price research finds manufacturers are offering cash discounts of £16.8 million across the UK new car market* 
• Discounts have risen by more than 10% since February to support sales
• Latest SMMT figures show UK new car registrations down 3.1% for the year, with business registrations down by 39.8% 
• Citroen found to offer biggest savings across all models and fuel types, with an average saving of 12.8% 
• To find the best new car deals, visit:

Dealers have increased new car discounts by more than 10% since February, in a bid to maintain sales. The move equates to savings of £16.8 million off manufacturer list prices across the market*, according to the latest research by Britain’s leading consumer champion and new car buying platform, What Car?. 

Analysis of the UK new car market by What Car? Target Price mystery shoppers found the average discount on a new car at the end of May stood at £2,595 – or 7.9% off the average list price. 

The latest May new car registrations figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) shows the UK new car market is down 3.1% for the year, with private registrations down by 2.9%. Business registrations are down by 39.8% for the year. 

Dealers are offering larger discounts to counter the decline in sales, according Rachael Prasher, managing director of What Car?: “Across the UK car market, we are seeing manufacturers slash cash prices by £16.8 million. This isn’t manufacturers panicking or throwing in the towel, but using the basic economic rules of supply and demand to maintain sales volumes.” 
Across all manufacturers, Citroen was found to offer the best cash discounts on its vehicles, with 12.8% off the list price. Volkswagen and Seat dealers offer the second highest price reductions, at 11.5% and 11.0% off list prices, respectively. 

Estate cars, MPVs and luxury cars came with the highest discounts, at an average of 10.3% across the three segments, while the typical discount on SUVs, hot hatches and sports cars were all below 6%. 

Prasher added: “The differences in discounts across sectors shows manufacturers are being tactical with their approach – offering larger cash reductions in areas with less demand, while keeping prices stable in sectors they know are popular and sell well.” 

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EXIT Festival Rounds Up Its Strongest Lineup So Far

EXIT Festival held on the beautiful Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, Serbia, starts in less than a month and the list containing some of the greatest acts in the world is already complete! At the same place, EXIT will gather some of the legendary artists who have been ruling the music scene for decades, but also the freshest acts with dozens of billions of YouTube views! 

EXIT will welcome one of the greatest guitar bands of all time, The Cure, but also the most talked about young rock’n’roll band in the world, Greta Van Fleet! Also arriving is one of the most respected rappers in the world, Skepta, the new hip-hop princess IAMDDB, the very symbol of DJ profession, Carl Cox, and the most popular DJ of the new generation, Amelie Lens. Dozens upon dozens of the most popular hits today will be brought to EXIT personally by their authors, such as The Chainsmokers, currently one of the most popular American duos, or DJ Snake, a French genius whose each single gathers hundreds of millions, even billions of YouTube views! Bringing chart-toppers are the DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, as well as another Belgian wunderkind – Lost Frequencies! The greatest trap hit ever will be brought to us by the lucid Desiigner, whose live performances can absolutely be considered celebrations of positive energy, while equally contagious tunes will be introduced by the New York-based hit duo Sofi Tukker. Famous song-maker with a powerful voice and the owner of one of the best albums of this year, Tom Walker, will make everybody at EXIT sing his anthem “Leave a Light On”, while bass heroes, Chase&Status, and Dub FX will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the famous UKF label with the audience at the Main stage. They will be joined there by multi-platinum DJ duo Filatov & Karas, as well as GriZ and MATTN.

The Greatest Hits of EXIT Festival 2019:

Still, we will be dancing the most and the longest with this year’s All-Star team of the spectacular mts Dance Arena where, together with Cox and Amelie, there to perform will be practically all of the most sought-after performers of the electronic scene today, such as Paul Kalkbrenner, Solomun, Tale of Us, Charlotte De Witte, Boris Brejcha, Peggy Gou, Maceo Plex, Jeff Mills, Dax J, Monika Kruse and many others. Recently confirmed is the special Carl Cox b2b Maceo Plex set for the festival opening on July 4th! The Addiko Fusion stage will also mix heritage, present and current trends, ranging from Serbian music icon and master chansonnier Zvonko Bogdan and ska legends The Selecter, via metal diva Tarja and the 30th anniversary of local punk idols Atheist Rap in the original lineup, all the way to regional stars such as Senidah, Fox i Surreal or the fascinating dreamy band Svemirko. The fifth edition of No Sleep Novi Sad stage will be visited by electronic heroes Lee Burridge, DVS1, I Hate Models, Giorgia Angiuli, Blawan, Sebastien Leger, 999999999, SDHW & Obscure Shape, Boston 168 and many others, introducing club partners such as MMA – Mixed Munich Arts from Munich, D-Edge from Sao Paulo, Bassiani from Tbilisi, as well as a special edition of “All Day I Dream” parties. The riff-heavy Explosive stage has this year lifted its own bar with Whitechapel, Arcturus, Soilwork, Entombed AD, Total Chaos, Peter and The Test Tube Babies and dozens of others. Still, even all this is just a part of the picture comprising of over a thousand accredited artists from the entire world, who will, from July 4 to 7, perform at over forty stages and musical zones all around the Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad!

EXIT tickets can be found at, and for those who wish to bundle them with accommodation and local transfer, there are also packages from €145. Default accommodation is the festival camp that is also on the sand beach, but in Novi Sad, next to river Danube, while hotels can be booked through EXIT’s official tourist agency at

About EXIT
Just a short ride away from the Serbian capital Belgrade, the magical Petrovaradin Fortress set high on the banks of the river Danube in Novi Sad provides the perfect setting for the EXIT Festival. The award-winning festival has something for music lovers of all genres with a diverse mix of artists performing on numerous stages connected by cobbled streets, ramparts and tunnels. Also renowned for its amazing atmosphere and energy the Dance Arena champions the who’s who in the electronic music world set in the awe-inspiring moat of the fortress, it’s that special moment when the suns rays shine over the fortress walls and your favourite tune is belting through the soundsystem and into your soul! 

Started as a student protest in 2000 fighting for political change and freedom, EXIT is still an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation), one that promotes change and positive education, supporting many community and humanitarian missions, while throwing a damn good party.

EXIT continues to deliver the most adventurous and value for money festival experiences in Europe whilst striving to bring the best talent possible with the challenges that a non-profit brings, all while playing a vital role in bringing together the new nations of former Yugoslavia, war-torn by the events and it is the social importance of the Festival that made it unique and globally recognised. Music is a universal language that connects and brings people together to make the world a better place. EXIT. Where hedonism meets activism.

EU Just Voted To Scrap Daylight Saving Hours


Daylight saving hours are both celebrated and loathed by people around the world whose countries still adopt them. They’ve been around for decades but have been problematic in some areas of society. Every year the clocks go back in the autumn and forward in the summer to adjust for the angle of earth. Well, it looks like the European Union won’t have to worry about it anymore after the parliament voted to scrap the controversial time changes. MEPs voted overwhelmingly for the move, with 410 for the move and 192 against. Different time zones across the EU. EU Just Voted To Scrap Daylight Saving Hours

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10 Top tips on recruiting and retaining young volunteers

Stephen Tutin has volunteered with various organisations since age 13. His first experience of volunteering was helping to run online groups, some of which included people who had difficulties such as autism, social isolation, or difficulties controlling anger. These problems made it hard for them to socialise face-to-face but socialising online helps them develop their 10 Top tips on recruiting and retaining young volunteers

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Why those charity shop cast-offs are diamonds in the rough

Giving to and buying from charity shops is a cheap way to dress well – and one expert today explains why it also helps support people thousands of miles away. There they were sitting on a shelf in a Shrewsbury charity shop – four brand new shirts all in my size and all in their wrappings, writes Mike Haynes. I knew they retailed at £25 each but they were asking £4.99 each. I took the plunge into the world of charity shop clothes buying. I bought three and left the fourth for someone else. I am not that greedy. Why those charity shop cast-offs are diamonds in the rough

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Fundraising for Stafford fire family reaches £20000 in a day


More than £20,000 has been raised for the family of four children killed in a house fire in Stafford. The fire broke out just before 3am on Tuesday morning at a house on the Highfields estate. The children’s mum, her partner and a baby boy were able to escape. The Crowdfunding page was set up by Stephen Glover who says it is incredible how people have come together to show support. It’s such a tragic thing that has happened, I’m a father myself and I just can’t imagine what it’s like to lose a child. The community has really pulled together to support this family at such a horrible time. Fundraising for Stafford fire family reaches £20000 in a day

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Charity shops’ profits grow to almost £300m


Profits from UK charity shops grew to an estimated £295m in the last financial year, up from £278m the previous year, according to new research. The Charity Retail Association (CRA)’s latest research programme found that in the year to March 2018, an estimated 327,000 tonnes of textiles were donated to charity shops, up from 323,000 the year before. Donated goods made up an estimated 82.3 per cent of charity retailers’ total 2017/18 income, up from 81.8 per cent the previous year. Bought-in goods, meanwhile, made up an estimated 6.3 per cent of charity retailers’ income, down from 6.9 per cent the year before. Gift Aid reclaims made up 5.1 per cent of charity retailers income, a similar proportion to the previous year, while 4.0 percent was from sales to recycling merchants, up from 3.7 per cent the previous year. The CRA said there are approximately 11,200 charity shops in the UK, as was estimated the previous year. Charity shops’ profits grow to almost £300m

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Over half of the UK’s workforce want more help from employers with financial planning

• Over a third (34 per cent) of employees have a month or less salary saved
• 55 per cent of employees say they want more financial help from employers
• Pensions, insurance and savings are among employees’ most valuable benefits
• Neyber is urging businesses to help employees plan for financial shocks

Over half of Britain’s workforce (55 per cent) want employers to help with financial planning, new research from Neyber has found.

Younger staff in particular are keen to get more support from the businesses they work for. Over 72 per cent of 18-34 year olds said they would value financial planning information and help. By contrast, just 25 per cent of those who were 65 and older wanted help.

Heidi Allan, head of employee wellbeing at Neyber, said: “In the past, many businesses have been reluctant to get involved with financial education for employees – due to concerns this could be seen as intrusive or unwelcome. What our research clearly shows is that most people want more help. Employers need to stop thinking of employees’ finances as a taboo subject and look at new ways to guide them – whether that’s providing information, education, or products and services which help staff manage their finances.”

Helping employees better manage their finances is a win-win for businesses. When employees worry about money it can lead to stress, mental health issues and extended absences from work. In fact, financial stress costs UK businesses £120.7 billion ever year.

And workers’ financial situations are more precarious than ever. Over a third (34 per cent) of employees have less than a month’s salary set aside. Of those – 14 per cent have no savings whatsoever. Nearly one in five (18 per cent) are not saving any of their monthly salary.

Allan said: “With so little money to fall back on, something as simple as a car repair could leave employees struggling to cope.

“Businesses must support their staff and help them on the savings journey, or risk a workforce that suffers from financial stress, leading to high levels of absences and lower productivity. It’s not just the right thing to help employees manage their finances, it is critical for business success too.”

As well as providing support and education, businesses should consider offering benefits programmes which allow staff to manage their finances.

Only 4 per cent of people are currently saving in a workplace ISA. The same percentage use an employer-sponsored savings account.

But 39 per cent of those surveyed said that they would value savings benefits if they were provided.

In fact, financial benefits are among those most valued by employees. The most valuable benefit to provide is a pension (72 per cent) and almost half (47 per cent) said they value insurance policies. Support and guidance (47 per cent), share plans (38 per cent) and financial education (36 per cent) were also welcome.

By contrast, just 34 per cent valued the ability to buy or sell holiday and only 28 per cent appreciated childcare support.

Allan concluded: “As the primary source of income, employers are in a great position to reinforce the importance of regular saving, through financial education and providing support to help employees choose the right products for their needs.

“Clear communication and easy access to financial advice and products play a huge part in achieving engagement. This allows employees to make smart, well informed decisions about what is right for them and their loved ones.”

Neyber’s full report – the DNA of financial wellbeing – can be found here.