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Atopic eczema (also known as atopic dermatitis) is the most common form of eczema and mainly affects children but can often continue into adulthood. One in five children in the UK has eczema, and 35% of cases continue past the age of 16 years.

Eczema is a long-term, or chronic, condition that causes the skin to become itchy, red, dry and cracked. In some cases, the problem area can become infected, making things worse. Scratching the affected area can damage the skin and increase the chance of infection, so this should be avoided (although resisting the need to scratch can understandably be very difficult).

The severity of the condition can vary from person to person. It can be mild, but severe cases of eczema can be very sore with badly cracked and bleeding skin. The most commonly affected parts of the body are behind the knees, inside the elbows, on the side of the neck and around the eyes and ears. For most people, their eczema will be okay for a while and then flare up to become much worse, requiring additional treatments.

What are the causes of eczema?

The exact causes of atopic eczema are not known, but it does occur more often in people who are prone to allergies, and also those who suffer from other problems such as asthma and hay fever. It has been established that eczema runs in families, so genetics has a part to play in whether or not you’ll be affected by the condition. If you have genes that predispose you to eczema, the condition may then be triggered by allergens in the environment such as dust, house dust mites or pollen. In many cases, some types of food can act as allergens that trigger eczema – milk, eggs, nuts and wheat are common culprits.

However, allergens are not the whole story, as eczema can also be triggered by other factors including cold weather, rough clothing, harsh soaps, washing too much, stress and sweating a lot. In general, it does seem that the prevalence of eczema is on the increase. This may be due to changes in the way we live or the environment we live in, but the relative importance of each factor is not clear.

How is eczema treated?

Eczema cannot be cured, but many people simply grow out of it. However, when you are suffering from eczema, it can be both physically and emotionally uncomfortable, so it’s good that there are effective treatments to help control the symptoms. The Pharmacy2U Online Doctor service can provide a wide range of prescription-strength treatments if appropriate. The treatments on offer are discussed below:

Emollients. These are moisturising treatments that soothe the skin to reduce dryness, cracking and itching. Emollients are frequently used to control the symptoms, and tend to come as creams, ointments, lotions or bath additives. The best form for you will depend on your skin and the severity of eczema symptoms, but in general, ointments are the best for very dry skin (although they’re the greasiest to use). Emollients are also useful as a substitute for soap, which can be very drying to the skin.

The Pharmacy2U Online Doctor service offers large packs of the following emollients:

Topical corticosteroids. These are steroid creams and ointments that are applied to the skin to help reduce the redness and inflammation during flare-ups. The steroids vary in strength. Small packs of mild steroids such as hydrocortisone and Eumovate can be bought without a prescription, but larger pack sizes, stronger steroids and steroids with other ingredients to tackle infections are only available on prescription.

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2019 Home Gift Guide

It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas, a housewarming party or some other reason – when you’re buying a gift for the home for your significant other, your parents, or someone else, there are plenty of gifts to choose from!

There are gifts for every room of the house to make life more pleasant and to transform the home from a sterile environment to one that is tranquil, organized and pleasing. Some gifts will be decorative in nature, while other improve the functionality of the room.


When it comes to giving a gift for the bedroom, you may not want to invest in something that’s a personal choice, like sheets or bedding. That’s because each individual had personal preferences for that.

But what you can do is give a gift that enhances the quality of sleep that the recipient gets. One product anyone would love is the LectroFan white noise machine by Adaptive Sound Technologies.

This machine helps drown out small noises that distract someone as they try to drift off. It has 20 varying styles of sounds along with a sleep timer. It comes in a variety of colors and not only has fan sounds, but aside from white noise, also has pink and brown noise options.

The person using it can set the volume to their desired preference at night and can use it during the daytime, too – if they need it to help them concentrate during work or studying.

You can also get them a gift like the LBell Alarm Clock that features a wake-up light system, where it simulates a sunrise. It also includes an FM radio. The sunrise feature begins and when the sun has risen fully, the regular alarm then goes off.

The gift recipient can reverse the process, too – setting the clock to stimulate sunset, where the music and lighting dims as they drift off to sleep. They can set more than one alarm for weekdays and one for weekends, if they want.

Living Room

If you’re buying a gift for the living room, you may want to consider something that adds extra comfort and appeal to this room, such as an Esright Massage Recliner. This chair is heated and swivels for the person using it.

It has an ergonomic design that provides maximum comfort. The person sitting in it can also use it as a rocking chair. The chair is made with artificial leather and it’s soft and durable.

There’s thick padding for the seat, back and armrest, along with a couple of cupholders, too. The chair has a set of four storage bags on it, where they can put magazines, the newspaper or whatever else they want to have near them. And at the end of a long day they can relax and use the remote control to set up a soothing massage with as much or as little intensity as they desire.

Another item that makes a great gift for the living room is a beautiful essential oil diffuser and humidifier by Ominihome. This is an aromatherapy dispenser that has a variety of timer settings and misting preferences, along with seven beautiful, glowing light options.

It can run for 18 hours at a time and is a soothing addition to any living room environment. It’s a nice environmentally friendly product with good safety features, like an automatic shut off.

Your gift recipient can use it to eliminate odors, help keep the room at a comfortable humidity, and more. They can use it in any room, not just the living room. And the misting settings can be controlled for high mist or lower ones.

Entryway and Laundry

Many people love to receive gifts for their entryway. It’s the first thing people notice about their homes. A wall mounted shelf that has hooks and baskets would be a great choice.

A company called HBCY makes a handcrafted solid wooden one that looks rustic and beautiful. It’s an organizer that has five coat hooks and cubbies. People can use this in other areas of the house, too. Their guests can hang coats, purses, leashes and more on the hooks and use the baskets for keys, wallets, or other belongings that want to grab on the way out the door.

This is a great way to help your gift recipient declutter their home and add some gorgeous décor to it, too. Another gift you might consider is one for the laundry area. Some people need help tackling the large amount of laundry they have.

If you know someone who could use a gift for their laundry area, you might want to consider buying them a BoxLegend shirt folding board for quickly folding t-shirts, pajamas, pants and more.

This neat little tool makes folding a snap – and in just 3 simple steps, which take 3 seconds, the clothing is folded perfectly. This is a great tool to teach kids how to use if they’re helping with the laundry, too.

Dining Room

If you want to go with a gift for the dining room, then you might want to invest in a simple, elegant dinnerware set from Amazon Basics. This beautiful, white set includes 18 pieces of dishes and bowls for up to six people.

It’s a porcelain dinnerware set that’s BPA-free and lightweight. The color and design make it a perfect for your gift recipient, regardless of their current décor because it assimilates well with anything.

This dinnerware is dishwasher safe and very durable. They can also put it int the microwave or oven, or store it in the fridge or freezer for leftovers, if they want to. They’ll get six 10 ½ inch plates, 7 ½ inch dessert plates, and 5 ½ inch bowls.

Want to splurge a bit on a bigger gift for the dining room? How about a modern, luxurious looking dining table with a glass top and four chairs by Bonnlo? The chairs are black and made of artificial leather, so they’re very stylish.

This elegant dining room set can match any décor, and it will last your gift recipient a long time, thanks to the way it’s constructed. The steel is heavy duty and rust resistant. It’s been powder coated to last longer, too. This set would be perfect for someone on your list who has a small space, like an apartment, breakfast nook or other limited areas.


There are a couple of gifts you can buy for someone who wants something for their bathroom. Of course, you can always go with design elements, like a new set of bath rugs, shower curtains, etc.

But those are more personal tastes. Why not give them something that they can appreciate for other reasons? Like the touchless automatic soap dispenser by Secura? This is a battery operated or electric dispenser that has a volume control for how much soap is distributed.

Your gift recipient can house up to 17 ounces of liquid soap in this dispenser and either place it on the counter or mount it on the wall. It’s a chrome and black design, with a clear holder for the soap itself. An infrared sensor tells it when to dispense the soap.

Another good idea for a bathroom gift is a scale. There’s a great body weight scale that measures up to 440 pounds by Etekcity and it has a backlit LCD screen so it’s easy to read.

This scale is very durable and sturdy and is easy to clean. Known for its accuracy, the precision sensor can give an instant reading as soon as someone steps on the scale. There’s also a free body tape measuring device included with the purchase so they can measure inches as well as pounds.

Kids’ Room and Nursery

If you’re buying something for a child, you might think of a toy right off the bat. But there are some instances when you want to get something more functional for the room or for the child to have a better experience in that room.

If you’re buying for a child who is out of a crib, you might want to gift them a weighted blanket made especially for their age group. The Hypnoser brand offers soft weighted blankets filled with glass beads.                             

This blanket feels like a nice hug as the child drifts off to sleep and it helps keep them asleep for longer periods of time. It’s a warm, quiet blanket that has a special design to evenly distribute the beads.

If you’re buying a nursery item as a gift, you might want to give the recipient a Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine. This is both a night light and wake up machine. For nighttime, in addition to the nightlight, it includes sounds that help a little one drift off to sleep.

They can use your phone to manage the brightness and volume on the machine. Or, program it for automated usage based on a schedule that you set. As the child grows, the machine grows with them, helping them learn how to rise on their own.

Home Office

If the person you’re buying a gift for has a home office, then there are a few items you might want to consider giving them, depending on their needs and your budget. Many people are loving the standing desk that gives them some mobility as they work and helps improve their fitness.

VIVO makes a height adjustable model that gives 36 inches of height to a desk the person already has. It’s built for anyone who want to employ the use of dual monitors, too. The person using it can choose to sit or stand with the desk, and it will move quickly and effortlessly with them.

Another great gift idea for the home office is a high back swivel office chair. These executive chairs are nicely padded and decorative with the black leather and pewter accents.

This gift will give your recipient a combination of comfort and ergonomic support that helps them feel good all day. The chair holds up to 275 pounds and can be adjusted for height.

Outdoor Living

There are many people who love to spend outside. So making that space enjoyable is a priority for them. If you have someone like that on your list, you have a couple of gift choices you can consider.

The first gift idea is for those cozy outdoor nights and it’s an outdoor firepit made of metal with a gorgeous design that’s perfect for a patio, garden area of backyard. This one is made by Yaheetech and it’s a square firepit that includes a spark screen, cover and poker for the logs.

Whether the person is entertaining or just enjoying a cool night outside, this fire pit is a safe option to have a beautiful fire that provides warmth to all who surround it. The pit is easy to keep clean and you can put the cover over it to prevent rusting.

Another good outdoor gift might be a gas grill. Cuisinart makes a full sized, four-burner grill that puts out 44,000 BTUs of heat. Your gift recipient gets the cooking surface plus a nice warming rack.

It also has a set of heavy-duty grates made of cast iron, along with a couple of side tables measuring 18 by 13 inches. There’s a nice stainless-steel lid and a control panel to manage all of the cooking.


If you want to buy a gift for someone who loves being in the kitchen, then there are two gifts that everyone’s raving about this year. The first is the popular Instant Pot Ultra. This programmable cooker can be used as a crockpot, rice cooker, steamer or to do other things like make yogurt, eggs or even cake!

It will automatically adjust based on the altitude of the user and you can see the progress of the cooking through the visual progress bar. It’s the perfect gift for someone who needs most of the cooking process automated for them.

Another good kitchen gift idea is an air fryer. These healthy cookers, like the one from COSORI, hello remove oil form the recipes and instead provide crispy, tasty food through a roasting process.

It comes with a nonstick cooking basket and there are 11 settings you can choose from when you want to make fried chicken, fried pickles, French fries or more! There are different sizes to choose from.


If the person you’re buying for has a playroom for kids, there are two top gift ideas you may want to consider. First, there’s the KidKraft bookcase that has a cozy little reading nook built in.

You can choose from several colors to match any decor – white, espresso and natural. There are built in storage areas that can house books, toys or other items and it’s made from sturdy composite wood.

Another great playroom gift would be a toy organizer. The Tot Tutors Kids’ Toy Storage Organizer is a big one with 12 removable plastic bins nestled on the wooden holder. Kids can take a bin down, gather up their toys, and put it back easily. 

This organizer is great for kids who have a lot of little toys and odds and ends. You have eight standard sized storage bins and four larger ones. It’s designed with a multi-color appeal, so it’s great for both boys’ and girls’ rooms.

There are many gift ideas for the home. When you’re considering buying one for someone you love, think about whichever room they’ve mentioned needing to spruce up, or a problem area they’re having – such as cooking disasters, lack of sleep, or disorganization, and go from there!

2019 Home Theater Gift Guide

There are many homeowners who are either building home theaters in their house or turning existing rooms into dedicated theaters for their family and friends to enjoy. Everyone loves entertainment and with quality devices and accessories, the experience can exceed expectations.

If you know someone who is pursuing this, you can find a number of products that make a perfect gift for them in their quest to take home entertainment up a notch. There’s something for every budget, too!

Wireless Audio

Your gift recipient needs a good sound in their home theater, which is why the Tribit XSound Go is the perfect choice. Though the speaker itself is compact, the sound that it delivers is anything but small.

The wireless audio system can bring rich sound with its crystal clear sound. It has top of the line 6W power drivers that can handle a high volume without warping the sound. The user can play music all day long thanks to the lithium battery that’s capable of lasting for a day at a time.

Since it’s wireless, it can go with them outside of the home theater – like the kitchen bedroom, garage, on the go – wherever they want to hear their favorite songs. It’s a tough audio machine built to last – even if dropped – and it’s also waterproof.

The device uses a wireless connection with Bluetooth and the long range of 66 feet is what helps make this machine one that you’ll also want to get for yourself. If they want to use the speaker with their TV, they can just add a cable and play their music there or on other devices.

Another good choice in the home theater speaker department is the JBL Charge 3. This speaker is also waterproof. It uses a lithium battery and delivers almost a full day of play.

They’ll get about 20 hours before they need to charge it. The speaker has a good volume and clarity of sound. You can even use it to take calls from your phone because the machine can work with smartphones or a device like a tablet.

It also has a speakerphone, which won’t give you that annoying echo when you use it to answer your calls. Speakers for a home theater are important, but getting versatile ones are even better.

Home Theater Systems

A home theater system makes a great gift because it’s one that’ll please everyone. If you have gifts to buy for your sibling and his or her spouse, this will fit the bill. The Rockville Home Theater System is one that brings the quality whatever the entertainment choice is.

It brings surround sound with 1000 watts and high RMS. The front and rear speakers along with the center and subwoofer can play it loud or soft and the speakers can operate with independent volume control.

You can hook up your devices and listen to music, catch a favorite movie or even hear songs straight from the radio. The system doesn’t distort, comes with two MIC inputs along with 5 audio outputs and 5 DVD audio inputs.

Or, you can get the Yamaha Home Theater. This one allows wireless streaming for music, has 4K video and auto adjusts so that they get the best possible sound. It does have a 5.1 channel speaker setup along with a subwoofer.

The setup offers better bass and balance and powerful front speakers. It’s a compact package, but it has the same great sound as larger systems thanks to the four surround sound speakers that you can place theater style. Because it’s a complete system setup, you get everything you need – including the microphone and remote.

Premium Audio

An amplifier receiver is a must have to build the best possible home theater and the Bluetooth 2 Channel Amplifier Receiver is one that gives a top performance all the way around.

Your gift recipient will get 100 watts per channel along with high rated sound. The system has analog volume control along with bass and treble as well. It can be connected to other devices such as a television, iPhone or music player like an iPod.

This is an integrated amplifier that works with Bluetooth. It lets users control and enhance their listening experience with HiFi sound, so they get better sound just the way they want it.

The design is compact and sturdy and the product offers a decent 33 feet listening range. It has 24V power and can handle 280 to 320 watt speakers. Everyone knows that a home theater is only as good as its audio, and that’s why getting a great speaker system makes one of the best gifts you can give.

The Onkyo Speaker System is a 7.1 set. It has the tallboy speakers along with center and front speakers with surround speakers. The grills on these can be taken off with exception of the subwoofer.

All in all, they get 130 watts with the speakers and the subwoofer delivers 230 watts. Users can enjoy both high and mid range frequencies. Giving premium speakers as a gift takes their entertainment to a whole new level of satisfaction.

Stereo Components

Something that’s making a huge comeback in the last few years and is still holding strong this year are turntables. A lot of people want to go old school and the Audio-Technica Stereo Turntable is a must-have to match old school with modern technology.

This stereo uses Bluetooth to enable it to connect with Bluetooth enabled devices, so users can still have the vinyl sound they want to hear, only without the inconvenience of wires.

This feature gives multiple listening opportunities because you place it in a room, but hear the songs in a different room. The turntable is belt-drive and brings clear audio thanks to the Bluetooth ability.

But it can be wired into a system. Users can play either 33 1/3 albums or the 45 RPM. The control buttons are located on the front for easy access. It has a phone cartridge and the stylus is replaceable.

The device has a dust cover and an output cable if they want to wire it. A seamless streaming device can help users connect multiple devices for easy transmitting. The TaoTronics Bluetooth is both transmitter and receiver.

Users can stream sound from their television, speakers or even from a music device like an iPod. They can enjoy TV shows, and games in seamless viewing. It’s always on, so it keeps on streaming what users enjoy even when it’s in charge mode and it can play for as long as 10 hours without charging.

It has the ability to link simultaneously to other devices and can also be used with headphones. The device easily toggles between transmitting and receiving mode. This will make the perfect gift for someone who appreciates old school and modern technology alike.


The right pair of headphones make a nice gift because they not only enhance the listening experience, but they can offer a respite from all the disruptive noise. COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones can reduce sound no matter what the user is doing.

If there’s noise in other areas of the house, or outside (such as traffic), these headphones can block them and let the user listen to only what they want to hear – like their favorite movie.

They provide quality sound with the 40mm drivers which bring out the best in bass. This pair comes with a microphone so the user can make hands-free calls and by not being held in place by a set of wires, they can experience more freedom.

They’re durable, but lightweight – and are known for their comfortable fit. The earpad has 90 degree swiveling cups, which are gentler on the ear. A single charge can last up to 30 hours and the headphones have a built in 600mAh battery.

With this as a gift, the receiver can lose the noise but not the clear audio. Another pair of headphones that’s a top choice for a home theater are the Boltune Bluetooth 5.0 set. These noise cancelling headphones can shut out disruptive sound in a second.

Users can enjoy whatever it is they want to hear in peace rather than listening to the disruptions around them. This set can hold an all day charge, too – and it doesn’t even take a full 60 minutes to get them charged and ready.

These are Bluetooth-enabled, which means they can handle the bass and have a range of 66 feet. The earpads are ergonomic and can revolve – plus the set has a curved design, which makes it stay comfortable no matter how long you wear them.


Portable sound that not only works in the home theater, but elsewhere is on the wish list for many people this year and there’s a good reason. The speakers that provide this can take entertainment anywhere – like the Bose SoundLink, for example.

This great gift idea can go from home to the pool to the park without missing a beat. It’s water resistant so if it gets wet, it won’t matter. The speaker can go for 8 hours at time thanks to the lithium ion battery and though it looks small, it makes itself heard.

It has an app menu for easy entertainment choices, so users can go from one device to the next with ease. It has Bluetooth wireless as well as voice prompts. The speaker comes with a built in mic, too – so users can reach their favorite AI assistant.

And as a little something extra fun, this speaker comes in aquatic blue or coral red. For the person who prefers a standing tower speaker for their home theater experience, you’ll want to consider the Polk Standing Tower Speaker.

Users get the surround sound experience delivered by the bass radiators, top of the line tweeter and the 6.5 inches drivers. The speaker delivers mesmerizing audio, video game, television or movie listening that’s powerful no matter where it’s set up.

It’ll do the job and then some on its own, but it does have the ability to connect with other receivers or stereos if the person you’re gifting it to wants to build a bigger home stereo system.

TVs and Video Projectors

TVs and video projects are smart gift ideas because they can be used for many different reasons. From learning to entertaining, there’s always something for everyone. The Samsung 4K UHD Smart TV is the one that bring entertainment choices in the kind of detail that’s breathtaking.

The clarity is unparalleled and because of the way the TV is designed, the smart guide can help users locate their favorite show, movie, or apps quickly. They’ll be able to stream content in their home theater using the remote – or, because the TV works with Alexa, they can use voice command.

The dashboard lets users be in control of their devices all from one central location. Because it’s a 4K, the hues are brighter, which makes everything seem more lifelike. Even if the user is watching something that’s not a native 4K source, the TV will automatically upscale whatever is being watched.

Besides TVs, video projects are high on the list of great gifts. One of these is the Nebula Portable Projector. This entertainment device can turn the living room into a theater room.

It has great clarity with 300 ANSI brightness coupled with the IntelliBright technology. It has single second autofocus. That means that the entertainment choice is presented in the same high quality that you’d get when going to the movie theater.

The sound doesn’t hold anything back and brings it in using the 10W drivers. Users can watch shows from their favorite streaming service as well as from Android content. It also has a Bluetooth mode and if users put it in the battery mode, they can watch 4 hours of movie entertainment.


The entertainment doesn’t matter if the seats aren’t comfortable, and you can find comfortable seats that make great gifts – like the FDW Wingback Recliner. This seat is a club chair that’s heavy duty, but blends its durability with ergonomics, which translates into long lasting comfort.

The seat is a push back that levels out at the perfect angle for the back. The recliner offers wide armrests for easy resting and the thick padding makes it a great place to sit and watch entertainment for hours.

It has a high back, which means better support. The upholstery is waterproof and wipes clean. There’s always someone who wants or needs more room than a standard seat can give.

That’s why the Seatcraft Pantheon Big & Tall seating is the perfect selection. Besides having plenty of room, it’s loaded with extra features. It’s a leather seat, so it’s very luxurious.

The chair has automatic headrests that allow users to adjust their position with ease and on top of that, it also has lumbar support that users can adjust to fit their needs. The chair can be reclined with the push of a button and if you need to charge one of your devices, you won’t even have to leave the chair thanks to the USB port on the control panel.

It comes with a storage area as well as lighted cupholders. The tray that’s included can be taken off. Home theater seats can be bought in rows of 2-3 seats each – or individually, depending on how the homeowner wants to design it.

Concession for Snacks

No home theater is complete without concessions, and that’s why this makes a great and unique gift idea. The Great Northern Popcorn Antique Popcorn Machine not only makes delicious popcorn, but it’s a work of art because it has that throw-back style from yesteryear.

This machine comes with tempered glass and has a 3 position switch. There’s also a warmer light, so the popcorn stays ready to eat. It comes with a reject tray as well as scoops for both the oil and popcorn.

It can be used to make up to 3 gallons of popcorn at a time, which is perfect for a family night or a viewing party. The components used with the popcorn making are stainless steel, so they’re easy to wipe clean.

The kettle cooks at 860 watts. There is a storage compartment beneath the machine. Included in with it are serving cups, measuring cups and bags to serve the popcorn. A gift idea for someone who might prefer a simpler popcorn machine is the West Bend Electric Popper.

This one can make as much as 6 quarts at once so that’s the perfect size for family time. It uses a butter cap which can melt the butter while the popcorn makes. Then, once the popcorn is done, the cover of the machine can be inverted and used to serve the treat.

The gadget has a stir rod so that means better popping and less unpopped kernels. The handles repel heat so that’s a nice safety feature. Cleanup is easy, once users are done, they can just put the heating plate in the dishwasher.


Home theater décor can add just the right touch to home entertainment. The OENYY Movie Theater Throw Pillow covers are great gift for any movie lover. These are just the covers, so you’ll have to get the 18” by 18” inserts separately.

They’re made of cotton and linen and have a hidden zipper. The covers come as a set of 4 and each of the patterns are each different. But each of the covers all tie together using cinema themes.

Wall art using a movie theme is always a good idea as a gift for a home theater, and movie reels like the metal movie reel make a beautiful addition. The decorative piece is made of bronze and features the metal film strip running through it.

Each of the reels vary in size, but the total length of the art piece is 18.5 inches across and 33.5 inches wide. It uses easy to hang keyhole mounts for placing it on the wall. If you’re looking for something smaller as a décor gift, then you’ll want to consider the Home Cinema Metal Sign, which is designed to look like a movie ticket.

It’s 6” by 16”, is made of 24 gauge steel and can hang by the corner holes in either a horizontal or vertical display. Decorative gifts are perfect for those on a budget, but just make sure that you understand the design wishes of whoever you’re buying it for.

2019 Kitchen Gift Guide

Kitchen gifts are great for everyone. Men and women both like to cook – and all ages of adults need kitchen items, whether it’s for cooking solo or for a large family. There are many neat kitchen gifts you can choose from, but first you want to know what the person you’re buying it for is interested in.


Rachael Ray is a cooking fan favorite, and she has many kitchen products that anyone would be proud to own. For example, her 12-piece aluminum cookware set is great for those who need a whole new set of pots and pans to replace their worn ones, or for someone who is just starting out in their own home.

It comes in a variety of colors to match any décor and the construction of the items is of aluminum and a hard enamel porcelain, which can be used in an oven up to 400 degrees.

These are nonstick items, but they’re PFOA-free, so you don’t have to worry about toxins. The handles are dual riveted and have a rubber stainless steel combination. The lids are all glass, but they’re shatter-resistant.

In this set, you’ll be gifting someone a 1-quart and 3-quart saucepan, a 6-quart stockpot, a 3-quart saucepan with cover, and am 8 ½ and 10-inch skillet. It also comes with a slotted turner and spoon.

Another great cookware gift would be from Lodge – and it’s an enameled cast iron dutch oven that holds up to 6 quarts. You can choose from a variety of colors for the person you’re buying it for.

The Lodge brand is known for the quality of their cast iron cooking products, so this is the perfect gift for someone who loves to create memorable dishes for their family and friends.


Bakeware is another option for kitchen gift giving ideas, and once again, Rachael Ray has a wonderful set that consumers adore. It’s the Cucina Nonstick Bakeware set that comes with 10 pieces.

It’s made of heavy gauge steel and is both non toxic and non stick. The handles have silicone grips, making it super easy to grasp in the kitchen. And the set can be used in an oven up to 450 degrees. Your gift recipient will get a 10 and 15 inch cookie sheet, 2 9-inch rounds, a 9-inch square, a 2-piece meatloaf set, a 9 x 13 inch rectangle and a 12-cup muffin pan.

Another brand that you may want to consider for your gift is OXO, who makes the Good Grips 3-piece stainless steel mixing bowl set to help with baking. They get a 1 ½ quart, 3-quart and 5-quart stainless bowl that won’t discolor or hold onto odors.

The bowls have a non skid bottom to them, and they nest so that your recipient saves space when storing them after cleaning. They’re dishwasher safe, too. Your gift will be perfect for those who like to bake cookies, cakes, and more – and they larger bowls are great for people who need to mix up double batches for special occasions!

Small Appliances

Small appliances are always a welcomed gift and there are so many to choose from. You might be buying a gift that someone’s never owned before or something to upgrade a worn out version of a previous one they have.

The Instant Pot is really popular right now. This cooker comes in 3, 6 and 8 quart versions. They can use it to cook rice, make cakes or yogurt, steam vegetables and more.

It’s programmable so it does the work on autopilot – whether you’re sautéing food, warming it, or sterilizing something. The Ultra model is simple to use – just twist and click and program it for a preset cooking program or customize it for whatever you want it to do. This cooker is dishwasher safe and easy to take care of, as well.

Another possibility to buy as a small appliance gift is a deep fryer. The T-fal stainless steel Deep Fryer comes with a basket and oil filtration system. It’s small, weighing only 2.6 pounds, and holds up to 3.5 liters of oil with 2.65 pounds of food.

This fryer is easy to transport and clean, because it’s dishwasher safe. This is perfect for the person on your list who always cooks for large family gatherings and who wants to make restaurant-style food.

Coffee, Tea and Espresso

Just about everyone these days drinks coffee, tea or espresso, and these make excellent gifts for your friends and family. You might want to get someone on your list the Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker.

This is a single serve coffee brewer that uses the K-Cup Pods. The person can choose how strong they want the coffee. It comes in a variety of colors and has a bonus pod variety pack.

Another good option is a Nespresso machine. There’s a mini espresso machine by DeLonghi that helps people making the perfect drink time after time. All they have to do is use the one-touch system and it will effortlessly deliver the right taste in just 30 seconds.


You may know someone who is in sire need of some new dinnerware. There’s a Corelle set that has 18 pieces and it’s a service for six people. This set comes in a variety of styles to match any décor.

It’s chip resistant and includes dinner plates, appetizer or snack places, and soup or cereal bowls. They’re all lightweight, and easy to handle as well as clean. Style-wise, they’re great for everyday use or for special occasions.

They’re made of a triple-layer of strong glass and they store easily, thanks to the way they stack up better than a ceramic dish. This set is safe for the microwave, dishwasher or oven.

Another good choice would be the 16-piece dinnerware set called the Gibson Elite Althea. It includes four 10.75-inch plates, four 8 ½ inch dessert plates, four 6.75 inch bowls and four 14-ounce mugs, too.

It’s made of stoneware material and is both dishwasher and microwave safe. It’s a beautiful square dinnerware set with vibrant colors and high durability. Anyone would be happy to get this as a gift.


All chefs – whether amateur or professional – love to have cutlery that works well for them in the kitchen. One great gift would be the Cuisinart 15-piece stainless steel hollow handle block set.

These blades are high quality carbon stainless steel and very accurate in terms of stability and control. They fit perfectly in a person’s hand and are durable so they hold up well over time. They’re extremely sharp, and easy to clean.

If you want something with a wow factor, then consider getting them the Mercer Culinary Renaissance 6-piece forged knife block set. This comes in a beautiful tempered glass block, so it’s not just functional – it’s eye catching/

The handles are ergonomically designed and the knives won’t rust or corrode over time. They have a full tang build, which means it runs the entire length of the handle, helping the person using them maneuver them better.

The glass block makes it super easy to see which knife they need with a quick glance. They can just pull the knife straight up to remove it.  These knives aren’t meant to be put in the dishwasher, but can be washed by hand in warm soap and water.

The set comes with a 3 ½ inch paring knife, 5-inch utility knife, 8-inch chef and bread knives, and a 6-inch boning knife along with the knife block itself. This is a brand that many top chefs love, so it would be amazing as a gift for a home chef.


There might be someone on your list who needs some utensils in the kitchen. There’s an amazing set made by Home Hero that has 29-pieces of stainless steel, nonstick utensils.

The set is a mix of stainless steel and silicone and comes with measuring cups and spoons, a skimmer, a slotted spatula, garlic press, cheese knife, tea strainer, wire whisk, wine opener, potato peeler and more!

Another great utensil set you could buy would be a silicone set made by Ailuki. It has 14 pieces and they’re also heat resistant and non stick stainless steel with silicone. You’ll be gifting a brush, spatulas, soup ladle, draining spoon, tongs, solid spoon, pasta server, turners, and more!

The utensils are BPA-fee and won’t break, erode or melt. They’re easy to clean and can resist heat up to 482 degrees. That means you can safely use them while cooking without worrying about them melting or scratching up your pots and pans.

Dining and Entertaining

Do you have someone on your list who entertains at home a lot? If so, you may want to invest in a gift perfect for dining and entertaining, like a cake stand with glass dome. The one by Libbey Acaciawood has a footed, round wooden stand and it’s very eye catching.

The glass dome looks very sophisticated and it’s perfect for showcasing desserts, pastries or cheeses. Your recipient could use this at a dinner party, brunch or cocktail party. The glass dome is lead-free and both that and the wooden serving board can be washed by hand.

Another gorgeous server is the 3-tier crystal rectangle server by James Scott. This is a beautifully designed, hand-carved piece that sparkles. It’s guaranteed to stand out when they’re showcasing desserts or other delectable goodies.

It can be strategically used in a buffet table to present the food in an attractive manner. And clean up is a breeze because it’s dishwasher safe! The person you’re gifting it to can use it to display foods such as amuse bouches, hors d-oevres and more and everyone will enjoy the lovely design of the presentation.

Storage and Organization

There are some kitchen items that help showcase things for people or clear up space for them. One such item you might consider as a gift is a wooden wine rack by Vasagle. It holds 20 wines and displays them on shelves.

It measures 18.4 x 10.4 x 42.9. This would make a perfect gift for someone who regularly entertains and serves wine at their dinner parties. It can also hold other items in the open area at the top, such as whisky or wine glasses.

The way the wine rack is designed, the corks always stay moisturized, so the wine is protected from spoiling. And they won’t have to worry about the wine rack tumbling over because it has an anti toppling device.

Another storage type gift you could give would be a storage container set like the one by Progressive called the Prepworks ProKeeper Set. It has six pieces – one for flour, granulated sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, and a couple of mini containers.

The containers are stackable canisters and the lids are easy to use. They close up with a silicone, airtight seal to keep everything fresh, longer. And if they want to run them through the dishwasher, that’s fine.


Glassware is another good gift idea you can give to people. There’s an 18-piece set you can give from Duralex that’s made in France from tempered glass – and it includes clear drinking glasses and a tumbler.

It has six 8 ¾ ounce tumblers, six 12 ounce tumblers, and six 16 and 7/8 ounce tumblers. This type of glass is resistant to chipping, breaking and other wear and tear. Plus, it won’t absorb liquids into a porous surface, so it continues looking sharp forever. These glasses are safe to use in the dishwasher, fridge and microwave.

Another option if you want to give someone glassware is to give them an old fashioned set of glasses with a decanter. The set made by Marquis by Waterford Markham is perfect for this purpose!

It’s made of lead-free crystal and the decanter is square and can hold up to 30 ounces of liquid. The glasses can hold up to 11 ounces each. These are a great gift idea for those who like to use them at home or who entertain and like to serve guests in them.

They’re made in Italy and are hand crafted with fine crystal. They’re weighted perfectly, so you won’t have to worry about accidents and spills from flimsy glassware. Because of their exquisite design, it’s recommended that you hand wash them. And what’s great about this choice is that it comes in a gift box, which makes for a beautiful presentation!

2019 Top Toys Gift Guide

Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, or “just because,” kids are on the receiving end of gifts quite often – from mom and dad, friends, and other family members. But the trends change fast, and you want to make sure you get the child in your life a toy they’ll cherish and be proud to own.

There are many different types of toys – some that stimulate learning or creativity, that nurture pretend play and more. You’ll find many toys that serve a dual purpose – one that benefits your child and isn’t just for the sake of having fun.


Electronic toys can inspire kids to imagine, learn and grow. These toys are not only a fun and creative outlet for children, but they can also increase cognitive function. One of these toys is the Avengers Gauntlet.

This item is based on the movie and sparks kids’ imagination. It’s designed with the important Infinity Stones. These 6 stones all pulse on the gauntlet. When kids press the stone in the middle of the toy, it begins to emit sound.

Each of the fingers can open and close. Like in the movie, the toy can also clench into a triumphant fist. This type of toy helps your child transform into a movie character and also consider some moral and ethical questions as they play.

Also in electronic toys is the Educational Insights Artie toy. This is a coding robot that guides children in the world of programming. It’s made with preprogrammed designs with STEM learning.

Kids can learn coding using JavaScript as well as Python. With the robot, your child gets a series of activities for him to use with coding skills. This learning toy delights kids and allows them to explore the world of coding. The toy also comes with built in Wi-Fi.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts teach kids things like math, literacy and motor skills. But besides learning, these toys are just plain fun and they spend hours playing and creating. The Crayola Super Art Coloring Kit can spark a child’s imagination.

It’s the perfect indoor or outdoor toy. This kit comes with a selection of crayons, including the popular glitter crayons, as well as colored pencils. Some markers are also in the kit.

Kids will enjoy coloring the pages that come with it, as well as designing their own crafts using the construction paper. They can use the glue stick to create everything from paper puppets to paper worlds.

The items in the kit are non-toxic. It comes in a storage tub, so they can keep all their things together in one place and make it easier on mom and dad in terms of messes. Next on the top toys list is the Crayola Scribble Scrubbie.

It’s easy to see why this one is a child and parent favorite. This arts and crafts toy allow kids to pick from a set of four pets. These pets are a yeti, a dragon, a narwhal or a unicorn.

Once the child picks out his pet, he can use the markers to color the creatures. What makes this toy different from many is that these creatures are 3-D rather than paper printouts.

After the child is finished coloring or creating designs on his pet, he can then use the scrub tub to wash the animal completely clean. All kids have to do is press the button that’s by the tub showerhead and the water washes the toy, turning the tub water a variety of colors.

When the animal is clean, your child gets to create all over again. The markers that are included are washable. The kit also comes with a scrub brush as well as a background that kids can color. Because the designs are washable, the child can constantly create something new!

Building Toys

Building toys not only help teach kids about creative development, but they also help them learn fine motor skills. One of the most popular building toys this year is the LEGO Harry Potter set.

This set is a replica of the great Hogwarts Castle. It has everything that the castle had in the book and movie series and will provide hours of fun and imaginative play. The set is over 6,000 pieces and is the perfect gift for fans.

When the castle is complete, it’s over 22 inches in height. The attention to detail in this toy is what makes it one that kids are going to return to time and time again. The set has the same moving staircases as the ones shown in the movie.

It also has the gorgeous stained-glass windows. It even has the shiver-worthy Chamber of Secrets complete with the basilisk. Kids can build the Great Hall as well as the Whomping Willow.

The set comes with some minifigures, including Dementors. LEGO also has the Friends Rescue Boat building set. This cruiser set is just over 900 pieces and allows kids to explore the imaginary seas while rescuing creatures.

The boat has a function that allows it to launch. It also has a crane that kids can use to imagine lifting animals during rescue missions and treatment. The boat contains a lab, cockpit and a bedroom. A floating island is also included with the set, along with three LEGO friends.

Dolls and Accessories

Dolls and their accessories are always a huge hit when it comes to gift giving for kids. A good choice is one of the Baby Alive dolls. These dolls come in a variety of different styles.

Kids can pretend to feed the doll, which moves and opens her mouth when you use her spoon. When the doll is fed, it will then pee or poop. Baby Alive dolls are interactive and have over 50 sayings.

They come with a set of accessories, too. These include a bib, diapers for changing the doll, a comb, food packets and a bottle. You can order additional accessories – such as the refill package or separate diapers or food packets.

Another doll that makes the toy gift list is the Journey Girls Meredith doll. The doll is 18” in height and comes dressed in her outfit, shoes and a purse. It has blonde rooted hair, blue eyes and the facial features are hand painted.

You can choose from a variety of different dolls in this line. There’s Callie, Kyla, Chavonne and more. These dolls also have a lot of different accessories you can choose from to build the Journey Girls play world.

These accessories are items such as the pink Jeep, the scooter or the horse. Additional items in the line include a kitchen set, a styling salon, a travel set and more. You can also buy different wardrobe accessories and even pets for the dolls.

Dress Up and Pretend Play

Kids love to dress up and pretend play. Doing this sparks their imagination and allows them to express themselves creatively. The Rainbow Unicorn Tutu is a beautiful dress that can transform any day into one that’s filled with magic.

The dress is made with polyester, but the bodice of the dress has a silk lining so it can be worn all day in comfort. The bottom of the dresses are lovely pastel tulle strips that are looped into the bottom of the bodice.

Kids love how the dress poofs out and swirls around when they turn while wearing it. The dress up outfit also comes with a headband featuring a unicorn horn. If you’re looking for a dress up outfit for everyday heroes, then you can get the Melissa & Doug Fire Chief set.

Kids love this because it has so many realistic accessories. You get the red fire jacket, the fireman’s helmet, a badge, a bullhorn and even a play fire extinguisher. Since kids love pretend play toys, you’ll also want to look at getting ones that have plenty of accessories for hours of play.

A top-rated toy is the Fun Food Truck. This comes with over 20 pieces and has an interactive kitchen area featuring both a sink and a grill. Customers can pay for the food that kids ring up. The truck also has learning levels that will teach more than 125 phrases, songs and sounds to help your child learn and grow.

Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys

Stuffed animals and plush toys are always at the top of a toy gift guide. This year, Flappy the Elephant is on the list. This adorable elephant is soft and perfect for hugging. This little plush play peek-a-boo and sings the funny song, “Do Your Ears Hang Low” that’s sure to elicit giggles. 

The stuffed toy’s ears will flap as your child interacts with the elephant. When the toy’s left foot is pressed, it plays a game and when the right one is pressed, it’ll play the song. It’s a hand washable toy and does require batteries for the interaction stages.

Bedtime is when kids love to have plush toys to hold as they drift off to sleep. Snuggle Up Skye is the perfect toy for that. The toy is part of the Paw Patrol line, which has delighted kids of all ages for years now.

This plush toy is a child favorite and one of the many reasons why is the way the pup’s stomach will light up in the dark. This light emits a soft glow that soothes kids as they drift off to sleep.

The pup can also sing a sweet lullaby or say certain phrases. The toy comes with 8 different sounds to thrill your child. When it’s time for bed, and your little one wants to see the nightlight or hear a lullaby, all he has to do is give the pup’s belly a squeeze.

The nightlight doesn’t stay on all night long. It will shut off on its own after a minute or so. And you don’t have to worry about the songs being too loud, either because they play softly.

Collectible Toys

When kids play with collectible toys, they can expand the worlds and characters so that there’s always something new to spark their imagination. One collectible set that’s popular with kids is the Heroes Transformers.

These toys are great for little fingers. These figures are 4.5 inches in height, which makes them easy to grasp and move around. These toys are able to easily change from robotic to a vehicle in one quick move, so there’s no struggling with the conversion.

The toys come with four main rescue bots, but kids can grow this collection. One of the collectibles is the construction bot known as Boulder. He’s ready to spring into action. In this set, kids also get the helicopter, which is known as Blades.

This flight-bot quickly swoops in for the rescue. Heatwave, which is the fire-bot, is also included in the set. This bot transforms into a firetruck. There’s also a police bot known as Chase that transforms from a police car into a robotic police officer.

Superheroes are also popular collectibles because kids create play scenes and act out parts of the movie franchise. This Marvel set comes with 10 of the characters that are based on the Avengers movie.

Kids will get the Captain America figure, including the iconic shield. The Hulk is also included, wearing his ripped shorts. Black widow dressed in her gear comes with the set and so does Hawkeye.

He has his bow and arrows included as part of the figurine. Iron man is in the set wearing his costume. There’s a Thor figurine complete with a mini cape and the famous hammer. Nick Fury and Ultron are also part of the set your child can play with.

Games and Accessories

Games are cool toys that delight any age. The Leap Frog RockIt is a game that gives kids 12 different options to play. The system has light up controls that allow kids to do a multitude of activities and games.

There’s an MP3 player with the game, too. One of the things they can do is grow pets from the eggs. These virtual pets thrive based on the child’s interactive feeding and care of the pets.

Each game offers a separate challenge and there’s a variety of fun puzzles that build a child’s skills in important learning areas, such as math. This game can expand with the separate packs you can buy, such as the Penelope Penguin or Dinosaur Discovery.

The Nintendo Switch is a gaming system that will give kids access to incredible game play. Kids can use the game to play by themselves or they can have multiplayer games. Not only can they use this system at home, but it can also go with them when they leave home.

All they have to do is take it off the dock and it’s ready to go. Your child can play games like Super Mario Maker 2 or Pokémon Sword. The game system has two Joy-Con controllers and also comes with parental control if desired.

Play Vehicles

The Disney Jeep Wrangler is a great toy for kids. They’ll drive the vehicle time and time again. It never gets old for them. As they drive the jeep, they’ll imagine themselves heading out on all sorts of interesting adventures.

They’ll zip along all over the yard in this snazzy jeep that’s designed with some of the beloved characters from the Toy Story movie. The driver’s side of the jeep features the lovable Woody, just waiting to take a ride with them.

The passenger’s side features Buzz Lightyear ready to join right in with all the fun. A set of cute graphics await on the rollover bar. These depict the three-eyed alien characters from the movie that were in the toy machine.

The vehicle has driving sounds and the radio comes with phrases from the movie. The toy can go on grass or hard surfaces. It’ll only move at 5mph in drive, and if the toy is backing up, that speed slows to 2.5 mph.

It aso has power lock brakes and parents have the option to control the speed. It’s suitable for a total weight of 130 pounds. To bring a smile to your child’s face, you can get the classic Radio Flyer Tricycle.

This childhood staple will be one that your child loves and has plenty of fun playing on as he imagines all the trips he’ll go on. It’s made of steel, so it’ll last for many years. The rubber tires provide a solid grip for those trips around the yard or along the sidewalk.

Unlike many toys, the seat in this one can be adjusted so that as your child grows, they can still play with the trike. It has chrome handlebars, red and white streamers and a bell that rings.

Learning and Education

Kids love to learn, and they enjoy learning even more when it’s coupled with fun and games. The Fire 7 Kids Edition does just that. When you give this gift, they can learn and have fun using more than 20,000 apps.

These apps include things like audiobooks as well as games. You’ll find educational material from sites such as Disney or PBS Kids. The Fire comes with 16 GB of storage that’s expandable for reading, listening to music and learning.

Parental controls allow parents to set time limits and screen content. Because kids can sometimes be rough on things, if the Fire breaks within 2 years, a full replacement is given.

Robots fascinate kids and Botley the Coding Robot is one that will be in demand this year. This toy teaches STEM skills that help your child learn, grow and have fun. You don’t have to have a phone or tablet to use this learning toy.

Kids can use the remote to send instructions to the robot and watch him respond. As the robot moves, it can sense things that are in front of it and it will alter its path so that it won’t run into them.

The robot can navigate a determined course and offers a variety of challenges to kids. One of these challenges involves using lines in the follow mode that the robot can travel along.

The toy comes with 40 coding cards as well as the pieces needed to set up an obstacle course. The robot can be pre-coded by your child to move 120 steps at a time. There are 76 pieces included with this toy.

Regardless of which toy you decide to buy for your children or someone else’s that’s a part of your life, just make sure it has positive reviews and plenty of sales prior to yours, and you’re bound to see a smile on their face when they open it!

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