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Got home improvement plans? Get free quotes from local tradesmen on Rated People – and you also help raise money for us as well.





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“We are an online company recently established by a group of professionals dedicated to helping people from all walks of life to save money on a variety of things through innovative, smart and easy online shopping solutions. We understand that many people are struggling to make ends meet in 2018 with large numbers being made redundant as many of our high street shops cease trading, as well as the prices of household and everyday items, increasing. For this reason, we have decided to develop a company that can really make a difference to the lives of those who are finding times difficult, those who love a good bargain or those who are just careful with their money! There will be lots of different discounts and deals for you to take advantage of each week, we also aim to bring you the best and up to date money saving advice and tips. The profits from Discountworld.org.uk also go towards helping The Community Scheme which is an organisation that continually supports sports, charities and good causes. For further information please take a look at our website or get in touch with us!”