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Fundraising – What Is Crowdfunding?

We will be addressing two important questions What’s crowdfunding? And how do you take action.You are about to make something interesting happen. You’ll have a budget and a basic plan for assembling your project and you’ll know what scheme or project is going to reap the benefits of it, who might be interested and who could probably support it in several ways.

So now it’s a great time to begin to answer that question “What’s crowdfunding?” it’s certainly really simply it’s whenever a lot of folks bring a small amount of money, pooling small contributions, multiplying that with a lot of individuals, people from communities with common interests and adding all of that collectively to make a huge pot of money or job fund. So, it’s likely you have heard about different successful crowdfunding promotions from about the world or in the United Kingdom where people post their task online and have others to become involved get involved by pledging money – pledging a tiny amount which all results in a more substantial total to help make the thing happen.

There are a few different kinds of platform for crowdfunding. The first one is reward-based, this is things like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo or Crowdfunder. These are websites that hosts those types of reward-based campaigns that operate donation-based campaigns you may recognize a few of these like Just Presenting and additionally, there is micro patronage so that sites like Patreon with different type of crowdfunding websites centered some may be one where users can make one off donations to a project that you create This may be things such as where people are sponsored to take action like a marathon or even to contribute to rebuilding a building – something similar to which they make a full page where people can make these types of small donations so you use it like an online collection jar. So, like in real life if you are asking people have you got a pound or two you could put towards this thing They’re not getting anything specific in exchange just a sense of well-being and thrills to have the ability to support the scheme. It’s also an extremely productive way to collect in donations for a particular task.

So, if you just want people at to offer a pound or two – to give you a small amount to go towards something – using these kind of websites can be really useful. Other ways of collecting in small donations or smaller amounts of money towards something is this notion of micro patronage It is where users are making different digital works sometimes it could be YouTube videos it could be at online language resources for things, maybe it’s also real-world events or real life things that are going on and that’s where users make small regular payments to support the things that you create.

So, you’d make a Patreon page telling people about all the fantastic things that you do and the fantastic things that you make in the world and then people can pay this type of membership – so that it can be a way to collect in this registration or membership cost – a small monthly amount that folks want to contribute to keep you going, keep you making the things that you want to make. It is also a really successful way to gather regular or ongoing repayments, so if you some events that happen, suppose you operate a club of some type and then micro patronage might be considered a really excellent way to make use of the public to help support what you’re doing. The last of these types of websites is the the one which we will take a look at the most – that’s reward-based crowdfunding. This is where users pledge money towards a job target in return for rewards. You may be placing 15 pounds into the task where somebody wishes to create a booklet and then you would get a duplicate of that book in exchange as an incentive You should use this in several different ways to attain your project seeks.

It’s also a really efficient way to accumulate together larger levels of money so we see crowdfunding promotions really running in to the thousands frequently so it allows you to maybe achieved like a huge print run or creation of something that you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to make just with a few donations or a small pot of money. When we’re pondering back to the professionals and cons of different kinds of fundraising techniques, we’ll understand that crowdfunding is great because it allows you to get products out in to the world. So, if you are making some “thing”, an actual physical item it allows you to distribute that basically worldwide anywhere that you can post it.

In addition, it allows you to get people involved so gives you to create a crowd across the task build excitement about what you’re doing It’s excellent for projects that are from about a thousands of pounds or more In addition, it allows you to tell your story in like manner kind of advertise what you’re doing It gives you a program to achieve that and it’s a good way of making your network the prevailing people you understand and your community associations into money to fund your projects. On the downside, it requires quite a lot of efforts in conditions of planning and preparation looked after does take time. The project’s themselves stepped on usually about 28 days to 30-35 times (so for five weeks).

You have to spend a lot of work reaching people – finding people out there on the globe who will be considering your project and getting those to pledge, convincing them that your project is a very important thing to invest their money on against a lot of competition – there are numerous crowdfunding jobs released every day and there are probably gonna be hundreds or thousands in different categories you are looking at so it is an extremely competitive at kind of project, or way of financing, And yes it can be all or nothing etc. the different websites say Kickstarter for example unless you achieve your full job target then you will not get the cash.

There are different models available – IndieGoGo and Crowdfunder also enable you to take everything that you have raised but those include much bigger fees and can become more expensive to improve profit this way So if you are beginning to think about planning for a crowdfunding campaign you’re going to need to look again at your project aims – what is it that you want to make – could it be a product that you would like to distribute? could it be something you could sell tickets for? is it something that you would like to create a community around? or something that you’ll require to measure interest or support? If it can many of these things, if there’s heading to be always a product or something you could sell tickets for, it will likely be really good match crowdfunding With this reward-based crowdfunding method additionally you need to have a look again in your list of stakeholders – those were every one of the individuals who are going to reap the benefits of your projects going on – and think about how they could support assembling your project – how many of them is there? If there are a huge selection of them this is going to make your project a lot more viable as a crowdfunding marketing campaign If it only benefits 10 to 20 people that’s not going to be adequate really to get this started.

You are going to really have to think about how exactly you widen that number of folks that the job benefits – that quantity of stakeholders – also think about how much money would each person each of your stakeholders spend to get an incentive. Sometimes you may be doing assignments where people don’t have lots of money, they don’t have a lot of disposable income – on their behalf five pounds is likely to be big money to provide to work. In other situations you may be dealing with people where 500 pounds doesn’t seem to be very much to them plus they could easily give that to your crowdfunding advertising campaign. So think about of your stakeholders, and on your stakeholder list how much cash would each individual need to be able to spend on your project to receive an incentive. Also consider what different organizations there are in this particular. Not all of your stakeholders are going to be a similar – not absolutely all of individuals who reap the benefits of your project will be the same types of individuals, or in the same types of scenario and think also that what things in starting your project can make people want to talk about and recommend the marketing campaign.

A crowdfunding campaign is really about growing and gaining support since you can to find as many folks as is feasible who will get behind this – so you’re gonna need to think really carefully about how precisely those people will share your project how they’re going to recommend it to other folks and exactly how they’re really going to obtain a excitement heading about what you’re doing. So now you’ve thought about these types of benefits and drawbacks of fundraising its time to start.

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A keto diet for beginners

You’ve maybe heard about the keto diet. It’s the newest hype. All the working papers are to talk about it and the interest online is just exploding. So what is the keto diet? What does keto even symbolize and how is it done? In this course you will learn all you need to know. First of all let’s get this out of the mode. What does the word” keto” convey? Basically the body can run on two different oils. One is sugar from carbohydrates in the meat we chew and that’s what most people today chiefly help. Let’s say if they’re devouring food, pasta, rice, potatoes etc. The other ga is overweight. The keto diet is a very low-carb diet. So low-toned in carbs that the body has to switch to principally abusing flab for fuel.

For example from real nutrients like eggs, meat, avocados, butter, olive oil, seeds, etc. Even the intelligence is able to fueled by solid. When the body is out of sugar, overweight is altered in the liver into vitality molecules called ketones that fuel the mentality. And the nutrition that results in this is called ketogenic, intending it develops ketones. And that’s why the diet is called the keto diet. Being fueled mainly by fat, a district called “ketosis”, has many benefits including information you become a fat-burning machine. It’s perfect for weight loss without starve burning overweight 24/7 even when you’re sleeping. Because it gives you tons of energy, you’ll basically never running around. Why the keto diet had now become super popular in the last few years is actually not entirely new. The foundation of keto is something age-old that you’ve heard about a million times. It’s a strict low-carb nutrition, it’s a gluten-free nutrition, it’s similar to the paleo diet and it’s very close to the aged and well-known Atkins diet. The basic thought is super simple and based on real nutrients. You simply forestall most carbohydrates like carbohydrate, managed junk food, eat, pasta, rice etc. And instead you snack flesh, fish, eggs, veggies and natural paunches like butter.

What is different with keto? Is that it’s a supercharged low-carb diet where you can make sure you get the maximum welfares. We’ll get to the details eventually. So keto is a supercharged form of an aged doctrine. Similar nutritions ought to have tried for decades, even centuries. These same diets hinder returning more popular than ever since they are task. And this could have an evolutionary explanation as our ancestors did not snack refined carbohydrates or carbohydrate like we do today, so our figures may not be adapted to those menus. Modern discipline attests that it projects. On a keto diet most people can lose excess force without starvation and a number of health problems tend to improve.

Most importantly a keto diet is not just used as a temporary affix. Numerous people enjoy it as a long term lifestyle. Not just for weight loss, but for long-term state and well-being and abiding set year-round. Many parties feel enlivened, full of mental clarity and have stable blood sugar elevations. Most of the emptines disappears, itches for desserts menus are abbreviated, so there’s no is therefore necessary to snack all the time anymore.

People save duration by being joyous with fewer banquets. They dine yummy meat whenever they’re hungry and there’s not even any is therefore necessary to count calories. Most parties feel so satiated on keto that they can eat when they’re hungry and still gobble less and lose extravagance load. They don’t even have to effort. Now of course some practise is good for you for health and believe your best, but it’s not required for weight loss and certainly not on keto. In such courses you are able to learn exactly how to do keto, what to eat, what not to gobble and when to ingest. You will learn the common troubles that beings knowledge when starting keto, the keto flu and how to avoid it.

You will learn how to know if you’re in ketosis and the simple ruses to get there. You will learn about weight loss on keto, what to expect, how to hasten it up and how to violate a weight loss plateau should it happened. You’ll learn about the common mistakes that beings make and how you are able to be discouraged to feel great and replace faster. You’ll too hear from a number of top doctors and researchers specializing in keto and low-carb nutritions who truly understand it and to make sure you do it as safely and effectively as possible. This video course will educate you everything you need to know and you are able to incorporate it with all the other keto content we have on our website It’s really the only sit you need for everything were linked to keto. We are committed to obligating it genuinely simple. You can check out hundreds of amazing keto recipes, including video recipes and if you’re interested, a full keto cooking reveal. No planning required, exactly buy the meat on the grocery list, cook it in accordance with the simple-minded instructions and enjoy dining it.

You’re done. And even if you have special predilections like say dairy-free or vegetarian keto, we still have you flooded. And you can also simply erect your own patronage banquet intentions. You can get all this for free. You can use our free two-week keto challenge to get started like more than 300,000 people already have. Or for the full Diet Doctor experience, sign up for a free one-month trouble, nullify anytime.

You get full access to “everything weve got”, all our resources; the full meal planner, our low-carb TV with hundreds of stunning keto videos including this whole keto video direction. At Diet Doctor, our goal is to empower people everywhere to supplant on keto and low-carb like these amazing parties … “Whatever you’re doing continues to do.” At some site he said, “Don’t lose any more weight.” I lost 200 pounds in approximately 18 months. -I lost 80 pounds. -8 0 pounds? Wow! I lost 100 pounds in a year. That thirst that I’ve had for my entire life wasn’t there. Her energy level and much like pit, our mental well-being has improved as far as is our physical state. I get from 374 pounds to 139 pounds. I would’ve never is of the opinion that within my lifespan I would have my life back like this. We want to prepare keto truly simple-minded for you and help you succeed in reaching your goals.

If you are interested in more I’ll see you in part II which is about a core notion behind the keto diet, how to become a overweight burning machine. Good luck and I’ll see you soon . .

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community offers

The Community Scheme

Hello and welcome to The Community Scheme Offers Page. By taking up any of these offers you can help us raise funds to support grassoots fotball, Charities and good causes. Next to each offer you will see how much you can raise – simply click on the logo and take the offer up. Remember though, we only get paid if the advertiser is happy, so only inquire if you are genuinely interested in taking up the offer. And don’t forget to tell your friends about it. Thank you for all your help. Go on, help raise funds for grass roots football today.

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Lock in a price for your old iPhone BEFORE 12 Sept or risk losing up to £50 off the value of your mobile

• Last chance to get the best deals
• Trade-in prices set to plummet as new iPhone release date looms
• Big dip in recycling price expected following launch

3 September – Independent mobile phone comparison site,, is warning of a big drop in recycling prices for iPhones from 12 September, the date of the highly anticipated Apple Event, where it will reveal its latest range of phones. Compare and Recycle is urging customers not to miss the boat on the current price surge and is encouraging those who want to get the best price possible for their old iPhones to lock in a price before it’s too late.

Its most recent and comprehensive iPhone Price Tracking report (…), which analyses data around the past six generations of iPhones, shows a big dip in what you can earn for your old iPhone as the new models come to market. The data shows that in the ten days between the announcement of the new iPhone and its release, consumers are likely to receive £50 less for their old phones. is recommending that customers lock in a price for recycling their phone by 12 September at the latest to ensure the best trade-in price. After that, prices are set to be turbulent and face a slow decline throughout the remainder of the month and beyond.

Matthew Moreton, Managing Director at Compare and Recycle, explains: “The announcement date means one thing for iPhone resale prices: they will be at their highest prior the date of unveiling and if you don’t lock in your recycling price on announcement date, you will miss out on a fair amount of cash.

“So if you are looking to trade up, and haven’t yet read our in-depth iPhone Price Tracking report, then head online and plan your trade-ins, contract renewals or upgrades in accordance to when the prices maintain for the longest.”

Millions of households face energy rises from October



Ofgem has updated the level of the safeguard tariff, which protects 5 million households from being overcharged, based on the latest estimated costs of supplying energy.

From October 1, the level of the safeguard tariff will rise by £47 per year for dual fuel customers to £1,136.

Ofgem is currently working to put in place a price cap for the remaining estimated 11 million households on poor value default tariffs by the end of the year following publication of a statutory consultation later this month.

The main driver of higher wholesale costs has been in the increase in the global oil price, which has risen by from $50 per barrel to $75 per barrel since this time last year. As the price of the gas Britain imports from Norway and the rest of Europe is linked to the oil price this has pushed up the price of gas which heats our homes and is also used gas fired power stations to provide around 40% of our electricity. In addition to this there have been increases in the cost of carbon trading which again has made the gas and coal we use more expensive.

It is also estimated that the majority of households are not benefiting from the option to switch suppliers.

Check our no obligation comparison site


Big Six price hikes announced:

  • April 19th – E.on: up to 4.2% increase, average annual bill to increase by up to £50.
  • May 29th – British Gas: 5.5% increase, average annual bill to increase by £60.
  • June 1st – Scottish Power: 5.5% increase, average annual bill to increase by £63.
  • June 7th – EDF: up to 2.7% increase, average annual bill to increase by up to £28.
  • June 17th – Npower:  5.3% increase, average annual bill to increase by £64.
  • July 11th – SSE: 6.7% increase, average annual bill to increase by £76.
  • August 16th – E.on: up to 4.8% increase, average annual bill to increase by up to £55.
  • August 31st – EDF: up to 6% increase, average bill to increase by up to £70.


Two thirds of UK holidaymakers worry about lack of spending money


Almost two thirds of the 6.5m Brits heading off on holidays abroad over the next month are worried about not having enough spending money, according to new research.

Researchers for first direct bank found that 63% of UK holidaymakers say their biggest worry is not having enough cash to spend. That is more than are worried about food poisoning, their pets being ill while they are away, or their home being burgled.

Six out of ten holidaymakers (61%) say they will be keeping an eye on their bank balance while abroad, and 58% expect to return home feeling guilty about how much they have spent.

Adding to Brits’ preoccupation with holiday finances rather than having a good time, the survey also found that:

• 65% fret about having a debit or credit card stolen
• Two thirds (64%) lose sleep about accidentally losing cash abroad
• Six in 10 worry about credit and debit cards being blocked or rejected during their trip
• More than half ( 52%) are anxious about being able to find an ATM on holiday
• Four in ten (39%) worry about arguments with their partner about money while they’re away

To combat these money worries, almost half (48%) of Brits – rising to 75% of millennials –going abroad this summer claim to have planned every detail of their holiday, with most saying they do so to make sure they stay within budget.

When it comes to how holidaymakers spend while away, almost two thirds (61%) will use a combination of cards and cash.

However, when it comes to pre-planning almost a third (30%) admit they don’t search out the best foreign currency deals as they pick up their holiday money at the airport. Most likely to leave buying foreign currency to the last minute are millennials, with two in three (64%) getting their spending money at the airport.

Overall, a third of UK holidaymakers (32%) claim they don’t take any foreign currency with them at all, using their debit, credit or pre-loaded cards.

Joe Gordon, head of first direct, said: “While the number of people worrying about money when they’re away is a concern, there’s plenty of things they can do to make this less stressful and allow them to enjoy their break.

“Planning what you intend to do on holiday can help with budgeting, but there’s also other simple things, like shopping around for the best foreign exchange rates before you go, and using your cards wisely while away.”

To help make the financial side of holiday planning worry-free, first direct has the following tips:

• It is usually cheaper to get your travel money sorted before you go, and banks like first direct can deliver it to your door
• A third of us rely on debit and credit cards while abroad, but when in the Eurozone remember to pay in the local currency, not sterling if given the option
• Check your European Health Insurance Card is valid, and make sure you’ve taken out the right travel insurance – and get it when you book your holiday
• Download a budgeting app before you go to make sure you don’t overspend, and don’t forget you can use your smartphone as an instant translator
• Make sure your smartphone data allowance will cover you while you’re abroad and, as 60% of us worry about not having Wi-Fi, download a Wi-Fi finder app

first direct is committed to supporting people with money worries, and if anyone is worried about money, the best thing to do is talk about it.

If you’re a first direct customer you can talk to us or check your accounts and move money online or through the app 24/7. If you’ve got specific concerns about your accounts you can call the Credit Solutions team on 0345 6100 189 (available Monday – Friday 8am to 10pm, Saturday 8am to 7pm, and Sunday 9am to 10pm).

The sooner you share concerns, the sooner steps can be taken to help you.

If you’re not a first direct customer, or you’d prefer to talk to someone independent, there’s a number of organisations who can also help you, free of charge:
• StepChange Debt Charity – free advice
• The Money Advice Service website, including its excellent online Money Health Check
• National Debtline website
• Citizens Advice Bureau

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  • Warrantywise continues to expand with the introduction of two brand-new pre-purchase vehicle inspections – The Premium Vehicle Inspection and the Premium Plus Vehicle Inspection
  • The Warrantywise pre-purchase Vehicle Inspection is suitable for vehicles of any age or mileage, with photographs included within the inspection report
  • It is the only vehicle inspection in the UK to include a VOSA brake test
    Vehicle Inspection

A pre-purchase vehicle inspection by Warrantywise will help give vehicle buyers peace of mind. Warrantywise have launched a nationwide service with two brand-new types of pre-purchase vehicle inspections to help car owners check the quality of their car before they buy.

The Premium Vehicle Inspection and the Premium Plus Vehicle Inspection will reassure buyers that they are buying the car of their dreams, not a nightmare of hidden faults, expensive repairs and potentially an unsafe car.

Founded in 2000, Warrantywise are the UK’s leading aftermarket Car Warranty providers and maintenance plan specialists for cars out of manufacturer’s warranty. Their aim is to provide an extended vehicle warranty of the highest quality, for all vehicle makes and models.

Warrantywise long-term ambassador, Quentin Willson, said:

“Since 2007 I have been personally refining, tweaking and polishing this warranty to make sure that it offers the highest level of service and protection possible. So, I’m confident that this new Warrantywise pre-purchase inspection will be the best in the UK!”

Why the best? Because both of the new services provide more point checks and more comprehensive reports than any other equivalent vehicle inspection around and, unlike the AA, the inspections offered by Warrantywise are not limited depending on the age of a car. This brings huge benefits to the consumer, in that the age of the car will not deter Warrantywise from inspecting or providing a warranty for their car.

Warrantywise Premium Vehicle Inspection has up to 226 point checks, a general inspection of mechanical and all visible parts, a brake fluid test, a 10 mile road test and a check for recorded accident damage and consequential previous repairs. This is all detailed in a comprehensive report supported with detailed photographs.

Warrantywise Premium Plus has up to 318 point checks, the road test is increased to 20 miles, it has a VOSA Brake Efficiency Test – the only vehicle inspection in the UK to provide this, and a full HPI Check, together with all the details of the Premium Inspection.

Warrantywise is a private family firm and was founded on the principles of honesty and integrity and the fact that they offer such detailed checks, all with no hidden costs, provides the consumer with complete peace of mind.

Warrantywise Vehicle Inspections are the most detailed and comprehensive condition and history reports available at the best price for buyers of used vehicles.